No. Communication Material Download
Dis.1 Andromeda Horizon2020 Presentation
Dis.2 Andromeda Horizon2020 Leaflet
Dis.3 Andromeda Horizon2020 Banner
No. Newsletters Download
News.1 Andromeda Newsletter September - December 2019
News.2 Andromeda Newsletter January - March 2020
News.3 Andromeda Newsletter April - July 2020
No. Deliverable Title Download
D1.1 Project Management, Quality and Risk Plan
D1.2 Project Initial Report
D1.3 Project Intermediate Report
D1.4 Project Final Report
D1.5 Legal, Societal, Ethical Initial Report
D1.6 Legal, Societal, Ethical Final Report
D2.1 User Community Initial Report
D2.4 Legal, Ethical and Societal Aspects
D2.5 User Community Final Report
D3.1 e-CISE Data Model description
D4.3 Nodes and Services for e-CISE Information Exchanges
D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Strategy and Plan
D7.10 Standardization Report